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  • The name

Our research and experience from software development, unit-testing and war-stories shows that much trouble could have been avoided if the specifications had been written in a formal language that could not be interpreted in as many ways as standard english.

We do think that we can reach high quality goals with ordinary unit-tests written in C. Thus we strongly suggest that the low-level specification of software libraries should be written as unit-tests.

Specrunner is the software you need to execute all these specification unit-tests automatically.

  • Just too many unit-tests?

As more companies introduce unit-tests, they run into the problem of having too many unit-tests to fit on the embedded system. If you have good code quality you often end up with more lines of test-code than lines of target code. Our experience is that people are forced to remove tests and that this in turn leads to unstable and complex errors that are hard to catch. Thus the investment in writing unit-tests have partly been lost and large scale low-level regressions tests are not possible.

SpecRunner is the software that makes your return of investment in unit-testing even better and pushes that extra quality back into your product.


Unlimited number of tests, minimal memory footprint and on real hardware with your real target software. This is how it works: 

  • Test extraction

Test written in the language C are extracted from your source code based on selectable keywords. Each test thus becomes an individual C-file. 

  • Test compilation and linking

The extracted tests are compiled and linked against the real target software running on your hardware.

  • Test execution 

Finally the tests are downloaded to your running target and the StateMaster module that resides there. StateMaster will execute the test while your target software continues running as normal. Once a test is finished it will be replaced with the next test.

  • Reports

Reports are generated that will fit the IDE's error parser, i.e. double click on the error and you will see the sourcefile with the failed error. SpecRunner also reports anomalities with return values making it suitable for automated scripted builds.


SpecRunner is currently available for these compilers and CPU's:

 Keil - C166

Contact us for details, suggestions and development for other systems.


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